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  1. Just finished the redesign of the blog. It’s missing a lot of features (no dark mode) but I’m really itching to get this out. Here’s a comparison before and after image:

    Before vs After of the blog redesign

  2. I recently saw Gwern’s blog . The design and content are great. I want my blog to be like this β€” a page in the internet that has its own personality and feels crafted. Currently, It’s just a dump of my thoughts and it’s using the default Jekyll theme. Though I like the look of it, I want to add more quality of life features to it while keeping it static.

  3. replying to bhread/tech

    Hello There!

  4. Hello World! I’m now joining as elpachongco. See you! 🍞🍞🍞

  5. I was looking at website . I wondered how I can have an animated favicon because this is probably the first time I saw one.

    Then I came accross this: an arcade game played in the favicon . How cool is that!

  6. Found this post on hn . I’m thinking of adding a /uses page on the site…

    I will also include a workspace setup like found on this site . But right now I work on the dining table so… πŸ€”

    See also this site and this setup by Aaron Schwartz .

  7. Every platform has shorts now. It’s new, it’s addicting, and I want it on my blog!

    Introducing Shorts #

    This site is going to get a lot more updates from now on. Social media platforms are unstable right now. It’s time for blogs to rise!