Introducing Myself

Aug 6, 2021Last modified: Aug 6, 2021

Hi. Starting today, I’ll start this blog as a personal log of everything that I want to say. I mainly plan to add my opinions on some topics that interest me (I’ll stay away from rants) and helpful things that I learn and encounter as I go.

Since I am coming into the computer industry without formal education on the topic, this blog could also be helpful for me to getting a job as one of my projects that employers can refer to. And if I do succeed in getting a job, I hope other people who would be in the same situation as me can refer to my blog as a reference.

I’m currently 20 years old, and my plan is to get hired when I turn 21. This is a deadline I imposed on myself that I’d give myself time to learn the things necessary to get hired. I don’t really have to have a job but I aim to have at least a source of income by that time.

Now I say that but I still feel like I want a job even if by that time I have a proper source of income (business or something) because I think the “developer experience” is not complete without the interaction with other developers who I can learn from and v./v.. I watched some of the google talks and they make it a point that success mostly comes from good communication which I think I still lack. I still don’t have any experience on working on other projects with other developers. Not to say that it’s the only solution because I also think that I can achieve the same by contributing to other open source projects. I’ll just have to see for myself but those are the things that I’m considering.